Roger Kirby was an American Professional wrestler.


The second of the four Nature Boys (the others being Buddy Rogers, Ric Flair and Buddy Landel) would go on to become World Junior Heavyweight Champion, US champion and one half of the world tag team champions.

Kirby wrestled for American Wrestling Association, Central States Wrestling, Continental Wrestling Association, Championship Wrestling from Florida, Georgia Championship Wrestling, Pacific Northwest Wrestling, World Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Council, World Wrestling Federation and in Japan for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Apart from being a successful single wrestler, he was also a very successful tag team wrestler, teaming with Harley Race, Ronnie Garvin, JJ Dillon, Lord Alfred Hayes, Buddy Colt, Dr. D David Schults and others.

After 26 years in the ring, Roger Kirby retired in 1986 after brief runs in the WWF and the WWA Central States.

Roger Kirby passed away, March 18, 2019, aged 79.

In wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • "The Nature Boy"
    • "The Master of The Piledriver"
    • "Sheik Roger"

Championships and accomplishments

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