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Robbie Caine is a Welsh professional wrestler.

Early life

Caine describes his early days included actively participating in boxing, Ju-Jitsu and playing Rugby. Caine also spent time in the Army. His interest in professional wrestling did not develop until his childhood friends introduced him to it all. His first experiences watching professional wrestling was through watching the video games of WWF RAW and SmackDown they were playing while growing up. Caine first followed the WWF on television during The Invasion storyline that aired throughout 2001. At the time, Caine's main interest was more in the storylines above all else.

Following his time in the army and joining other sports, Caine rediscovered his interest in professional wrestling and learned of a training school held in his native Wales and began his training.

Professional wresting career

The ring name Robbie Caine came from the wrestler's favorite entertainers. Robbie was the same name as the English singer/actor Robbie Williams and Caine is the same last name as the English actor Michael Caine.

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

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