Rob Bartlett (May 18, 1957) is a comedian & actor. He was one of the first color commentators for Monday Night RAW (kayfabe) replacing Bobby Heenan.

Not all of his characters consist of celebrity caricatures. One long-running recurring character is named Blind Mississippi White Boy Pig Feets Dupris, an old blues musician from Louisiana. "Feets" employs a harmonica to accompany his vocals on the "Imus" show. He often takes credit for writing songs or for having instituted, decades ago, innovations in American popular music that have been widely attributed in most music histories to African-American rhythm & blues, jazz and blues musicians.

Bartlett writes all the material he performs on the Imus show, as well as the lyrics to all of the song parodies the show has become famous for over the years. The lyrics often comment on current news items or societal phenomena. For example, the Bartlett character "Rush Limbaugh" sometimes expresses his commentary in song. An example from the years of the Clinton Administration was the "Limbaugh" criticism of the alleged ultra-feminist or unfeminine tendencies of First Lady Hillary Clinton in "The First Lady is a Tramp", a parody of Frank Sinatra's version of "The Lady is a Tramp". Somewhat later came another example of a "Limbaugh" song, a holiday parody of the Burl Ives version of "A Holly Jolly Christmas". "A Robert Downey Christmas" was about seasonal and celebrity drug use and dysfunction.

In wrestling

For a brief stint in 1993, Bartlett was one of the three original hosts of the World Wrestling Federation's Monday Night Raw, along with Randy 'Macho Man' Savage and Vince McMahon. His final appearance on the professional wrestling program was April 19, 1993, and to this day, is considered to be one of the top ten worst Wrestling Announcers of all time.


Bartlett was born May 18, 1957, in Brooklyn, New York. He lives on Long Island with his wife Sharon and their four sons.

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