Roadblock 2016 WWE Tag Title Match has learned that at WWE Roadblock — WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day will defend their titles against The League of Nations’ Sheamus & King Barrett.

Yes, just five days after surviving Y2AJ on Raw, the outspoken professors of the power of positivity could be forced to eat their words. In recent weeks, “the lads” (Sheamus & Barrett) have been the subject of ridicule thanks to the social media antics of Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods. Unfortunately for WWE's “magical” unicorns, the new No. 1 contenders have also been on a dominant streak as of late — leaving numerous competitors in their wake. As two of their members take up the fight for tandem glory, there is no doubt that Alberto Del Rio and Rusev will be at ringside as well. This means the titleholders will not be able to enjoy their usual numbers advantage.

On the other hand, for all their talk, trombones and “Booty-Os” cereal, no one can doubt the consistent success of the WWE Tag Team Champions. The New Day has held the coveted prize for about 200 days now and have overcome every single hurdle in their path. Underneath the unicorn horns, they are a very dangerous combination of size, quickness and technical precision. So, it is very doubtful that this Roadblock on The Road to WrestleMania will stop them from reaching The Showcase of The Immortals without one heck of a fight.

Who will emerge with the bronze symbol of tag team excellence firmly in their grasp?

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