RB 2016 Big Cass vs. Rusev

After weeks of having to watch Rusev rough up his best friend, Big Cass will get an opportunity to pay back The Super Athlete for his brutality when they collide in a huge head-to-head showdown on the Roadblock: End of the Line Kickoff.

Cass’ conflict with The Bulgarian Brute actually began when a naked Enzo Amore —who was locked out of the men's locker room by Cass — bumped into Lana backstage. Rusev didn't take kindly to Enzo talking with his wife while in his birthday suit, challenging the New Jersey native to a match.

The former United States Champion proceeded to pummel Enzo in their ensuing contest as Cass watched from ringside. Enzo retaliated the best way he knows how, by dissing The Ravishing Russian on the mic, but that would cost him as Rusev hit him with a painful looking low-blow in their rematch.

This combative rivalry reached new levels of hostility when Rusev and Lana set up Enzo for a sneak attack. Rusev was supposed to face Big Cass on the Dec. 5 edition of Raw, but instead the 7-footer had to witness his buddy getting laid out by Rusev after being wooed into Lana's hotel room.

Rusev has proved his dominance over the smaller Enzo in recent weeks — albeit mostly via underhandedness — but now the hulking powerhouse will have to face a Superstar his own size. Actually, he will have to face an even bigger competitor in Big Cass.

Both Big Cass and Rusev are arguably two of WWE's brightest young Superstars, each with an exceptional combination of size, strength and athleticism. Something has to give when they step inside the squared circle to do battle on the Roadblock: End of the Line Kickoff.

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