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Revolution Pro Wrestling is an English-based Professional wrestling promotion.


Revolution Pro Wrestling was founded by long time IPW:UK promoter & matchmaker Andy Quildan in August 2012, choosing to split from the brand that he had helped build and craft in order to ensure the high standards he and has team had set themselves would be maintained.

One year on and it would seem that descion has been more than justified with Revolution Pro Wrestling continuing a tradition that Quildan started with IPW, but now with no limitations. Going from strength, continuing to push the boundaries with its ambition, high production values and the absolute best in ring action featuring the best talent from around the globe and it's exactly the same qualities that personify PRO WRESTLING AT ITS BEST!

In addition to our regular schedule we run a successful series of weekly shows during the school holidays at UK's number 1 independent holiday park, Bunn Lesiure, who share in our vision of presenting the absolute best in entertainment and as a part of our dedication to innovation run the UK's first ‘Holiday Camp’ School of Wrestling, allowing youngsters a once in a lifetime opportunity to be remembered for a long time to come.

With a training school based in Portsmouth, we are also ensuring we safeguard the future of wrestling in this country whilst providing a great opportunity for people to get involved with a unique activity which is held in a healthy group environment.

Catering for children's parties & stag do's on a regular basis, as well as pub evenings out and group outings for local sports teams and many more, RevPro have strong links to the local community and have been featured in several lead articles by local press.

Over the coming weeks, months and years we plan to continue to evolve, expand and move forward as we continue to entertain thousands of fans around the country!


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