Also known by the term belly-to-belly piledriver, a wrestler first stands facing an opponent before then grabbing the opponent's waist and turns them upside-down, holding them against their torso. The wrestler then jumps up and drops down to a seated position, driving the opponent's head down to the mat between the wrestler's thighs.

The wrestler may also place the opponent over their shoulder and fall to a seated position, driving the opponent's head to the mat between their thighs. This move is often known by the name Fire Thunder, or Fire Thunder Driver as named by Mr. Gannosuke.

Mike Quackenbush innovated a cross-legged variation, named the Quackendriver II, which sees after positioning his opponent in the belly to belly position lift one of their arms up and cross the opponents legs over each other and bend them downwards. While holding the opponents legs in this position they falls to a sitting position.

Another variation used by AJPW wrestler TARU sees the opponent lifted into a reverse piledriver how ever before dropping down he spins 360 degrees and then drops the opponents head into the mat.

Wrestlers used by

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