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|[[File:Steen & Generico vs. Blade & Edwards 5 11 07|250]]
|align="center"|[[Kevin Steen and El Generico|Kevin Steen & El Generico]] vs. [[Jason Blade]] & [[Eddie Edwards]]
|align="center"|[[Kevin Steen and El Generico|Kevin Steen & El Generico]] vs. [[Jason Blade]] & [[Eddie Edwards]]

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Reborn Again was a wrestling event promoted by Ring of Honor. It took place on May 11, 2007 in Hartford, Connecticut

After Good Times, Great Memories, Ring of Honor entered a new era, but lost several main event talents. Colt Cabana had left ROH for World Wrestling Entertainment. Likewise, Christopher Daniels left to focus on Total Nonstop Action, and with Daniels gone, Allison Danger also left ROH. It was later revealed that Shingo’s extended tour in Ring of Honor had ended, and he left in order to focus more on his home promotion, Dragon Gate. Then, on April 30, Ring of Honor announced they were moving to pay-per-view. The news forced Total Nonstop Action to pull their last two contracted wrestlers, Austin Aries and Homicide, from ROH. As was with Allison Danger and Christopher Daniels, with Homicide gone, Julius Smokes became the seventh person to leave Ring of Honor.

However, the main news going into Reborn Again was the return of former ROH World Champion "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson following his five month absence after shoulder surgery.



Steen & Generico vs

Steen & Generico vs. Blade & Edwards 5 11 07


Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Jason Blade & Eddie Edwards


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