RETRIBUTION is a stable in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the Raw brand. They dress in black hoodies and cover their faces in black masks.


On the August 3rd episode of Raw lights in the WWE Performance Center began flickering on and off and a masked group set fire to a generator. This was the same night that Shane McMahon debuted Raw Underground. On the August 7th episode of Smackdown members attacked the announcers and then went into the audience to attack them as well. They then used a chainsaw to cut the ring ropes. On the August 10th episode of Raw RETRIBUTION once again attacked the WWE Performance Center by smashing a window with a cinderblock and flipping a car.

On the September 21st, 2020 episode of RAW, The dubbed leader of the group, T-Bar, (formerly Dominick Dijakovic), revealed that they had signed RAW exclusive deals and that they were allowed to do whatever they please in the contract. In the main event of the show, RETRIBUTION had their debut match against The Hurt Business, and lost via DQ as T-Bar poked Bobby Lashley in the eye. Following the match, RETRIBUTION revealed more members as RAW went off the air with a huge brawl.

On the September 21st, 2020 episode of RAW, we were officially introduced to the key members of RETRIBUTION. Mia Yim, Dominick Dijakovic, Mercedes Martinez, Shane Thorne, and DIO Madden were all revealed to be apart of the group as they came out in new attire, revealing their identities. The likes of DIO, Dijakovic, and Thorne also underwent a name change later on in the main event against The Hurt Business. DIO, now Mace, Dijak, now T-Bar, and Thorne, now Slapjack.

On the October 5th episode of Raw during a match between MVP and Mustafa Ali RETRIBUTION arrived to attack Ali, MVP and MVP's stable The Hurt Business. Ali appeared to align with The Hurt Business to fight off RETRIBUTION only to reveal himself as the leader of RETRIBUTION.

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