Proving Ground is the 7th episode of WWE Breaking Ground. It aired on December 14, 2015 on the WWE Network.


Some NXT talent shine as others fail to make a good impression. Carmella is anxious to return to action, and ZZ gets back to his roots.


“Adapt or perish” is more than just a slogan on an Evolution T-shirt; it is also an apt mantra of the WWE Performance Center, where dozens of stud athletes are challenged daily — and often in ways they never expect. On this week's episode of WWE Breaking Ground, one newcomer must adjust to life in not only a new profession, but also an entirely new culture, while another rookie recruit stumbles during a key exercise. Then, anticipation builds as WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent, Triple H, arrives in Orlando to deliver huge news to two of the center's brightest prospects.

When we last left off, Carmella had suffered a head injury at an NXT Live Event. Though The Princess of Staten Island avoided suffering a concussion, WWE policy mandates she stay out of the ring, a predicament that drives Carmella stir-crazy. Thankfully, NXT's most “fabulous” Diva is medically cleared to compete before long, and upon taking her first steps back in the ring, she excitedly proclaims her love for the ring.

Things are looking less bright, at the moment, for recent signee Nhooph — aka, the newly anointed Aaliyah. After William Regal blessed her concept for the Aaliyah character (Bratz doll meets belly dancer), the youngster practices her entrance for the sports-entertainment sage. Regal emphasizes the importance of making a good first impression before a live crowd, but his advice seems to fall on deaf ears when Nhooph showcases her entrance in front of her Performance Center peers. Their reaction is tepid, at best. An underwhelmed Regal maintains that she needs more time and commitment, but Nhooph summarizes the experience in just two words: “So bad.”


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