Professional Wrestling Alliance was established in 2004 in Melbourne, Victoria by Australian wrestling veteran, Henry ‘Lobo’ Jones, PWA has moved and expanded with shows spanning the country along the east of the country, and is presently based in Sydney.

PWA also makes exclusive headway in Australia by running the only all female Pro Wrestling Company in the country, PWWA. Alumni of PWA include Emma, Jessie McKay and KC Cassidy, while the current roster includes former PWI number 1 women's wrestler Madison Eagles, Kellie Skater, Evie and Shazza McKenzie.

PWA is presently owned by the Eagles family, headed by Ryan Eagles alongside his wife Madison.


PWA was formed in 2004 in Melbourne as a breakaway from PCW, with Henry Jones leading a group of wrestlers into a new level of professionalism. The promotion ran for three years in the southern capital before running it's last show in 2006. But by then branches had been established in Canberra and Adelaide, with the latter failing to produce a single show. The establishment of the Canberra group led to groups in Sydney and Brisbane.


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