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Matt Cross.1

Matt Cross The first ever Prime Champion Won in 2008


PRIME Wrestling represents everything we feel is right about professional wrestling. We feel we possess a roster in the prime of their careers, young athletes who are hungry to make their way to the top. We feel we are a prime example of how pro wrestling on TV should be, with more emphasis on action and athleticism, not endless talking and video packages. We also feel we as an organization are in our prime as well, and are ready to expand to new and exciting frontiers. We are very proud of our roots, but referring to ourselves as an "Ohio" or "Cleveland" company was excluding our great fans from across this country - as far away as Hawaii! We feel "PRIME" better describes who we are, what we aim to do, and what we strive to become.

Champions And Misc.

  • World heavyweight Championship
  • Tag Team Championships
  • TV Title

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