Piranha Death Match

A Piranha death match (also called Yokohama Amazon River Piranha Death Match or Amazon River Piranha & Barbed Wire Board Death Match) is a professional wrestling match type where two opponents compete in a deathmatch with a person-sized fish tank with piranha located in or around the ring. To win, one must place their opponent inside the tank with the piranha for 10 seconds. Additionally, plywood board wrapped in barbed wire are place at each of the four corners.

The first instance of this match taking place is at BJW Summer Night Dream in 1996 where Kendo Nagasaki defeated Mitsuhiro Matsunaga by submerging him partially in the tank and then placing a board on top to secure the win. Despite only being partially submerged for the 10 seconds, Matsunaga had a small hole eaten in his chest by the piranha.

Reportedly Wrestling Society X's final unaired show contained a piranha death match between The Cartel and Los Pochos Guapos. However, it is extremely difficult to obtain piranhas in the United States and a different fish was used instead.

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