"The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty (born Peter Doherty, 1945, Dorchester, Massachusetts).

Early Duke

Pete Doherty started in Professional Wrestling after serving 3 years in the US Army in 1973. He began his initial training in Greco-Roman style wrestling with Jim Peckham (US Olympic Wrestling coach). He was then trained in the pro style by then WWWF wrestler Joe Crugnale. Pete made his wrestling debut on June 15, 1973 in Albany, New York defeating "The Continental Nobleman" Joe Turco. Doherty was a popular Irish under-card babyface for the early part of his career. Doherty maintained a fairly decent won-loss record for the first few years of his career.

The Golden Terror

In 1977 Vince McMahon Sr recognized Doherty's talent and The Golden Terror was born, a mid level heel managed by Captain Lou Albano. The Golden Terror went on to challenge Bob Backlund for the WWWF title in 1978.

Georgia Championship Wrestling

After a reasonably successful run in the WWWF Doherty moved on to Georgia Championship Wrestling. He worked mostly preliminary matches and after a brief stay he returned to the WWWF as himself.

The Maritimes

Doherty had a brief run in the Maritimes in Canada for AGPW. Homesickness shortened his stay in the area and he again returned to the WWWF. There he stayed for the remainder of his career.

The Duke: 1980s and Onwards

Pete Doherty adopted the "Duke of Dorchester" persona in 1985, later in that same year Doherty appeared on the debut of NBC's Saturday Night's Main Event in a losing effort to the Junkyard Dog. In 1987 The Duke feuded with King Kong Bundy and also became a color commentator for WWF's Boston, Houston and Prime Time broadcasts, while continuing to wrestle in local Boston shows. In 1989 Doherty appeared in Hulk Hogan's "No Hold Barred" movie as a bar-room brawler. Doherty also appeared on a ROH card as a special guest. Today Pete Doherty lives in the coast hamlet of Plymouth MA in retirement, occasionally making appearances for interviews and signings.


  • Captain Lou Albano

Ring Personas

"Irish" Pete Doherty, The Golden Terror, "The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty.

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