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Pedro Aguayo (January 18, 1946 - July 3, 2019) was a famous Mexican wrestler through the 1970s to the 1990s. His son also wrestled as Perro Aguayo, Jr. or El Hijo del Perro Aguayo ("The Son of Perro Aguayo"). He is one of the biggest box office attractions in lucha libre history and was the last major rival of El Santo. Often prone to blading, Aguayo has been described by American pundits as a cross between Terry Funk and Bruno Sammartino (for his willingness to brawl and overpower opponents). He was the first person ever crowned the WWF Light Heavyweight Champion. In 2012, Aguayo was inducted into the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) Hall of Fame.


Wrestling facts

Championships and accomplishments

Lucha de Apuesta record

Wager Winner Loser Location Date Notes
Hair Perro Aguayo El Signo Naucalpan, Mexico Unknown  
Mask Perro Aguayo Hombre Montaña Unknown Unknown  
Mask Perro Aguayo El Desertor Guatemala Unknown  
Hair Perro Aguayo César Sando Jr. Unknown Unknown  
Hairs Perro Aguayo & ?? Los Hermanos Escobedo Unknown Unknown  
Hair Chucho Villa Perro Aguayo Oblato, Jalisco, Mexico 01970-01-011970  
Hair Perro Aguayo Luis Mariscal Guadalajara, Mexico 01972-12-24December 24, 1972  
Hair Perro Aguayo Guillermo Valle Guadalajara, Mexico 01973-09-04September 4, 1973  
Hair Perro Aguayo Karloff Lagarde Tijuana, Baja California 01974-06-08June 8, 1974
Hair Perro Aguayo Carlos Mata Unknown 01974-06-15June 15, 1974
Hair Perro Aguayo Ringo Mendoza Mexico City, Mexico 01975-05-25May 25, 1975
Hair Perro Aguayo Marty Jones Unknown 01975-06-13June 13, 1975  
Hair El Santo Perro Aguayo Unknown 01975-10-03October 3, 1975  
Hair Ringo Mendoza Perro Aguayo Guadalajara, Mexico 01976-05-16May 16, 1976  
Hair El Faraón Perro Aguayo Unknown 01976-09-24September 24, 1976  
Hairs El Faraón & Ringo Mendoza Perro Aguayo & Joe Polardi Mexico City, Mexico 01977-12-09December 9, 1977  
Hair El Solitario Perro Aguayo Mexico City, Mexico 01978-09-10September 10, 1978  
Hair René Guajardo Perro Aguayo Mexico City, Mexico 01980-06-29June 29, 1980  
Hair Perro Aguayo Tony Salazar Mexico City, Mexico 01982-09-17September 17, 1982  
Hair Perro Aguayo Negro Navarro Tijuana, Baja California 01983-05-27May 27, 1983
Hair Perro Aguayo El Texano Tijuana, Baja California 01983-07-15July 15, 1983
Hair Villano III Perro Aguayo Naucalpan, Mexico 01983-08-21August 21, 1983
Hair Sangre Chicana Perro Aguayo Arena México 01986-02-28February 28, 1986  
Hair El Faraón Perro Aguayo Monterrey, Nuevo León 01986-10-26October 26, 1986  
Hair Perro Aguayo Kato Kung Lee Los Angeles, California 01986-12-13December 13, 1986  
Hair Perro Aguayo Sangre Chicana Naucalpan, Mexico 01987-02-15February 15, 1987  
Hair Perro Aguayo Scorpio Naucalpan, Mexico 01987-08-30August 30, 1987  
Hair Perro Aguayo Babe Face Mexico City, Mexico 01987-12-06December 6, 1987  
Hair Perro Aguayo Sangre Chicana Monterrey, Nuevo León 01987-12-20December 20, 1987  
Masks Perro Aguayo & Villano III Black Power I & Black Power II Naucalpan, Mexico 01988-05-05May 5, 1988  
Hair Perro Aguayo Gran Markus Monterrey, Nuevo León 01988-04-01April 1988
Mask Perro Aguayo Diablo Rojo Villahermosa, Tabasco 01988-06-01June 1988
Hair Perro Aguayo Ultraman Mexico City, Mexico 01988-07-16July 16, 1988
Mask Perro Aguayo Stuka Monterrey, Nuevo León 01991-08-01August 1, 1991 Triangle Match with El Hijo del Santo
Hair Perro Aguayo Stuka Monterrey, Nuevo León 01991-08-08August 8, 1991  
Hair Konnan Perro Aguayo Mexico City, Mexico 01991-09-06September 6, 1991 Triangle Match with Cien Caras
Mask Perro Aguayo Máscara Año 2000 Mexico City, Mexico 01993-04-30April 30, 1993  
Hair Perro Aguayo Nikozuna Mexico City, Mexico 01995-09-22September 22, 1995 Nikozuna never got his head shaved
Hair Perro Aguayo El Cobarde II Naucalpan, Mexico 01999-03-07March 7, 1999 Triangle Dog Collar Match with Sangre Chicana
Hair Perro Aguayo Bestia Salvaje Mexico City, Mexico 02000-04-14April 14, 2000  
Hair Perro Aguayo Cien Caras Mexico City, Mexico 02000-12-15December 15, 2000  
Hair Perro Aguayo Máscara Año 2000 Tijuana, Baja California 02001-02-02February 2, 2001
Hair Universo 2000 Perro Aguayo Mexico City, Mexico 02001-03-30March 30, 2001
Hairs Perro Aguayo & Perro Aguayo, Jr. Cien Caras & Máscara Año 2000 Mexico City, Mexico 02005-03-18March 18, 2005

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