Dimitrious Papadoniou (July 17, 1977) is an American independent professional wrestler. He works primarily throughout the Northeastern United States, with promotions such as Jersey All Pro Wrestling, New York Wrestling Connection, East Coast Wrestling Association, Impact Championship Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance and World Xtreme Wrestling.

In wrestling

  • Signatures moves
    • Alpha Omega (shinning wizard)
    • Alpha Omega v 2.0 (shinning wizard to the back of the head)
    • In God I Trust (jumping piledriver)
    • H.O.A. (heels of Achilles aka ankle lock)
    • Icarus Wings (reverse rings of Saturn submission)
    • Mt. Olympus (Flying Head Butt)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Greek God"

Championships and accomplishments

  • National Wrestling Alliance
    • NWA Shockwave Internet Championship
    • NWA Shockwave Heavyweight Championship
    • NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Championship

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