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The PWP Catch Division Championship is a professional wrestling championship owned by Pro Wrestling Pride. It was the first championship incorporated by Pro Wrestling Pride; and the companies second-tier championship behind the PWP Heavyweight Championship. Despite the championship being the secondary championship for the promotion, it has been known to main-event shows above the heavyweight championship.

The Championship was established on the first Pro Wrestling Pride show under the companies banner on 13th May 2012; where Tyler Hawke defeated Wales' 'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman. The design of the championship is that of a trophy, rather than a traditional championship belt. Despite the championship being predominately male; the championship has been won by a female. Bobbi Tyler won the championship for a single day in January 2017.

Catch Division Wrestling

Rather than a midcard title based on a weight (Such as All Japan Pro Wrestling's Junior Heavyweight Championship, or World Championship Wrestling's Cruiserweight championship), and is more in line with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's X-Division Championship; which stated the division was 'not about weight limits, it's about no limits!" The catch division, was likely originally designed as a showcase of catch wrestling; rather than high-flying wrestling, with well known grapplers Johnny Kidd and Doug Williams winning the title.

The style however, has changed over the duration of the belt's longevity; with the aforementioned catch style, with a mix of luchador, Puroresu and even more 'extreme styles'. This is reflected in the match types contested for this championship; with "catch as catch can" wrestling style, Luchas de Apuestas and even TLC matches. The division's prize was a catch division trophy, and not a traditional belt.

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