Bobby Heenan has won this award a record 4 times.

The PWI Manager of the Year Award, given yearly from 1972 through 1999 by professional wrestling magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated, recognizes the best manager of the year as voted by readers of the magazine. Bobby Heenan has won a record 4 times. Lou Albano, James J. Dillon & Jim Cornette have each won 3 times.

Award winners and runners-up

Year Winner First runner-up Second runner-up Third runner-up
1972 Bobby Heenan . . .
1973 The Grand Wizard . . .
1974 Lou Albano . . .
1975 George Cannon . . .
1976 Bobby Heenan Lou Albano Fred Blassie Gary Hart
1977 The Grand Wizard Bobby Heenan Lou Albano Lord Alfred Hayes
1978 Arnold Skaaland The Grand Wizard Bobby Heenan Gary Hart
1979 Arnold Skaaland Lou Albano Buddy Rogers Oliver Humperdink
1980 Oliver Humperdink Arnold Skaaland Lou Albano The Great Mephisto
1981 Lou Albano Arnold Skaaland Oliver Humperdink The Grand Wizard
1982 James J. Dillon Arnold Skaaland Sonny King Jimmy Hart
1983 James J. Dillon Adnan Al-Kaissie Lou Albano Paul Ellering
1984 Paul Ellering Jimmy Hart Jim Cornette James J. Dillon
1985 Jim Cornette Lou Albano Paul Ellering Bobby Heenan
1986 Lou Albano Paul Ellering Miss Elizabeth Jim Cornette
1987 Jimmy Hart James J. Dillon Jim Cornette Paul E. Dangerously
1988 James J. Dillon Miss Elizabeth Jim Cornette Paul E. Dangerously
1989 Bobby Heenan Gary Hart Teddy Long Skandor Akbar
1990 Teddy Long Bobby Heenan Ole Anderson Jim Cornette
1991 Bobby Heenan Harley Race Alexandra York Paul Bearer
1992 Paul E. Dangerously Mr. Perfect Harley Race Jim Cornette
1993 Jim Cornette Harley Race Mr. Fuji Tammy Sytch
1994 Jimmy Hart Ted DiBiase Col. Robert Parker Paul E. Dangerously
1995 Jim Cornette Sherri Martel Col. Robert Parker Woman
1996 Sunny Jimmy Hart Jim Cornette Bill Alfonso
1997 Bill Alfonso Miss Jacquelyn Paul Bearer Ted DiBiase
1998 Paul Bearer Bill Alfonso Sunny Paul Ellering
1999 Debra Jimmy Hart Bill Alfonso Paul Bearer

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