The PWI Comeback of the Year Award, given yearly since 1992 by professional wrestling magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated, recognizes the most impressive comeback by a professional wrestler during the year as voted by readers of the magazine. Hulk Hogan has won this award twice.

Award winners and runners-up

Year Winner First runner-up Second runner-up Third runner-up
1992 The Ultimate Warrior Bob Backlund The Sheik The Junkyard Dog
1993 Lex Luger Brutus Beefcake Ric Flair Paul Roma
1994 Hulk Hogan Bob Backlund The Undertaker Alundra Blayze
1995 Randy Savage The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Ray) Savio Vega The Ultimate Warrior
1996 Sycho Sid Jake Roberts Faarooq Road Warrior Animal
1997 Bret Hart Curt Hennig Brian Pillman Ric Flair
1998 X-Pac Sting Dean Malenko The Warrior
1999 Eddie Guerrero Buff Bagwell Curt Hennig Michael Hayes
2000 Rikishi Phatu Dusty Rhodes The Undertaker Vince McMahon
2001 Rob Van Dam Steve Austin Booker T Scott Hall
2002 Hulk Hogan Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit Ron Killings
2003 Kurt Angle Goldberg Raven Último Dragón
2004 Edge Jeff Hardy William Regal Chavo Guerrero, Sr.
2005 Road Warrior Animal Matt Hardy Raven Hulk Hogan
2006 Sting Sabu Jeff Hardy Finlay
2007 Jeff Hardy Triple H Rey Mysterio The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott)
2008 Chris Jericho Jeff Jarrett William Regal Sheik Abdul Bashir
2009 Jerry Lynn Ricky Steamboat The Undertaker Mick Foley
2010 Rob Van Dam Kane Edge Jeff Hardy
2011 Sting Mark Henry Austin Aries Montel Vontavious Porter
2012 Jeff Hardy The Rock Brock Lesnar Layla
2013 Goldust Chris Sabin Jerry Lawler The Bella Twins
2014 Sting Bobby Lashley Batista The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)
2015 The Undertaker Sheamus Roderick Strong Daniel Bryan
2016 Goldberg Seth Rollins Chris Jericho Matt Hardy
2017 The Hardys (Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy) Finn Bálor Mickie James Shelton Benjamin
2018 Daniel Bryan Drew McIntyre PCO Shawn Michaels

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