The fourth annual BOLA was held on November 1 and November 2, 2008 in Burbank, CA. The tournament was set to follow the 24 man format of the previous two and take place on the weekend of August but PWG management was unable to book the talent they wished to for the event and decided to move the event and drop the entrants down to 16. On October 16 PWG announced that 17 participants will be in the tournament, this occurred because the two PWG commissioners couldn't come to a conclusion on who would be the final entrant, which will lead to one first round match being a three-way dance.


Tournament brackets

  Opening Rounds
November 1
Quarter Finals
November 2
November 2
November 2
1  Brandon Bonham  
16  Kenny Omega  :   
     Brandon Bonham  
     Nigel McGuinness  :   
8  Nigel McGuinness
9  Austin Aries  :   
     Nigel McGuinness  
     Low Ki  :   
5  Low Ki  
12  Roderick Strong  :   
     Low Ki
     Masato Yoshino  :   
4  El Generico *
13  Masato Yoshino *  :   
     Low Ki
     Chris Hero  : 
6  TJ Perkins  
11  Chuck Taylor  :   
     TJ Perkins
     Bryan Danielson  :   
3  Bryan Danielson
14  Davey Richards  :   
     Bryan Danielson
     Chris Hero  :   
7  Scott Lost  
10  Joey Ryan  :   
     Scott Lost
     Chris Hero  :   
2  Chris Hero
15  Necro Butcher  :   


* = This match was a three-way dance also involving Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks.
† = This was a No Disqualification match.

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