Champion Date Location Opponent Notes
Reggie Marley July 22, 2005 Goderich, Ontario Jeff Black First Pure Wrestling Champion
Shawn "Gavin" Spears January 1, 2006 Cambridge, Ontario Reggie Marley
Reggie Marley (2) January 7, 2006 Niagara Falls, Ontario Shawn Spears Reggie cashed in his rematch clause after Shawn Spears had already defended the title that night
Steve Corino July 21, 2006 Guelph, Ontario Reggie Marley
Eddie Osbourne September 10, 2006 Brantford, Ontario Steve Corino
Samoa Joe January 11th, 2007 Cambridge, Ontario Eddie Osbourne Joe defeated Osbourne but due in the Championship Contract the title was on the line for the wrong date. Thus the belt was returned to Osbourne and Joe's reign does not count
Ruffy Silverstein March 2, 2007 Kitchener, Ontario Eddie Osbourne I Quit Match
Reggie Marley (3) April 13, 2007 Kitchener, Ontario
Eddie Osbourne (2) November 16, 2007 Kitchener, Ontario Reggie Marley 7 Way Elimination feat: Juan Ortiz, Lance Malibu, Notorious Tid, Nick Paradise and Rees Reynolds
Elian Habanero March 28, 2008 Kitchener, Ontario Eddie Osbourne Ladder Match
Vacant April 8, 2008 Elian Habanero was deported back to Cuba
Ruffy Silverstein (2) May 9, 2008 Kitchener, Ontario Juan Ortiz Double Jeopardy Match. Two Matches took place at once with the winners of each match facing another to crown the new Champion. Ruffy fought Geza Kalman; Juan Ortiz fought Reggie Marley
Vacant November 28, 2008 Ruffy Silverstein is injured and cannot wrestle.
Reggie Marley (4) November 28, 2008 Kitchener, Ontario Robbie MacAlister vs. Geza Kalman
Juan Ortiz April 17, 2009 Kitchener, Ontario Reggie Marley
Reggie Marley (5) April 17, 2009 Kitchener, Ontario Juan Ortiz Reggie won the Golden Opportunities Rumble and cashed his Golden Ticket in right away
Geza Kalman April 19, 2009 Hamilton, Ontario Reggie Marley Current Champion
Vacant October 3, 2010 Geza had to undergo Heart Surgery
Super Kamikaze November 7, 2010 Cambridge, Ontario Turcan Celik Bigg Dawg Geza Kalman Tournament Final
Eddie Osbourne (3) January 30, 2011 Cambridge, Ontario Super Kamikaze vs. Dynamite T vs. Butcher Khartoum 4 Way Elimination match. Pinned Dynamite T to win title.
Reggie Marley (6) February 27, 2011 Ingersoll, Ontario Eddie Osbourne
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