Osaka Pro Wrestling is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion, founded in 1998 by Super Delfin.


After leaving Michinoku Pro Wrestling Delfin formed Osaka Pro Wrestling. The company secured a home arena (The Delfin Arena) and trained its own talent. Gamma, Tigers Mask, Daio QUALLT, Magnitude Kishiwada, Kuishinbo Kamen, Super Demekin (aka HUB were all Delfin/OPW trainees. He also acquired other Japanese wrestlers Miracle Man, Billy Ken Kid, Ebessan I and Black Buffalo.

After 9 years, Super Delfin broke away from the company to form Okinawa Pro Wrestling in September 2007, and the company was taken of by Yuji Sakagami, later joined by Kuishinbo Kamen and Takoyakida as co-owners.

The company was restructured in 2014 and all the wrestlers became freelancers. The home venue was closed and the company became a strictly touring entity.


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