The Open the Brave Gate Championship is a professional wrestling title in Japanese promotion Dragon Gate; it has a weight limit of 83 kg (183 lbs), though it has been defended against heavier wrestlers in the past. It can be considered the secondary singles title in Dragon Gate and is more of a light heavyweight championship. It was created on March 13, 2005 when Naruki Doi defeated YOSSINO in a tournament final. The faceplate logo on the belt is divided into eight pieces, each piece representing the eight wrestlers who fought in the tournament to determine the inaugural champion. During Gamma's reign, he threw away all eight pieces of the faceplate and replaced it with his own plate, renaming it Open the Gamma Gate, dictating and often changing the rules of his title defenses. This ended when Masato Yoshino, wrestling as the masked Dr. Muscle, defeated Gamma and restored it to the Brave Gate title, vacating it soon afterwards.

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