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The October 8, 2019 Edition of OVW Television is a Professional wrestling television show of the Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion, which took place on October 8, 2019 at Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.
  • Dark Match: Tony Bizo defeats Dapper Dan
  • Dark Match; Ashton Cove & EC Diamond defeat Steve Michaels
  • Dark Match: Chace Destiny & Nigel defeat KTD & William Lutz
  • ]]Dark Match]]: Drew Hernandez defeats AJZ in a Winner Gets Final Spot Match
  • Dustin Jackson & Randall Floyd defeat Big D & Shiloh Jonze in a Nightmare Cup 2019 Tag Team Match
  • Amon defeats EC Diamond
  • Jax Dane defeats Big Zo and Cash Flo and Corey Storm and Dimes and Drew Hernandez and Hy-Zaya and Jay Bradley and Leonis Khan and Maximus Khan and Melvin Maximus and Randall Floyd and Sam Thompson and Tony Gunn and William Lutz in a #1 Contendership Rumble Match for the OVW Heavyweight Championship
  • Tony Gunn eliminates Randall Floyd
  • Maximus Khan eliminates Melvin Maximus
  • Cash Flo eliminates Leonis Khan
  • Cash Flo eliminates Dimes
  • Corey Storm eliminates William Lutz
  • Sam Thompson eliminates sich selber
  • Corey Storm eliminates Tony Gunn
  • Big Zo eliminates Maximus Khan
  • Corey Storm eliminates Drew Hernandez
  • Jay Bradley eliminates Corey Storm
  • Jax Dane eliminates Big Zo
  • Jax Dane eliminates Cash Flo
  • Jax Dane eliminates Hy-Zaya
  • Jax Dane eliminates Jay Bradley


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