October 12, 2002 Xplosion results took place in Nashville, Tennessee at the The Asylum. The event took place on October 12, 2002.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

No matches took place on this show.


Xplosion, the successor of Saturday Night Show, shown on small U.S. stations, begins with host Bert Prentice, who talks about the last PPV. Borash also comes in and talks via mobile phone probably with his film agent. He comes so late today because the limo picked him up too late. Borash asks Bert if he's so cocky, because he had a small role in the Chris Rock movie, but for Borash is this role that he will make the breakthrough and now he makes the big bucks. It will once again broadcast the interview with Jerry Lynn last Wednesday, ending during the brawl with Sonny Siaki. After the commercial break, Jeremy Bert laughs, which has indeed just a cheap cell phone. Prentice can not understand why Jeremy Borash now makes Obermacker on the basis of a single scene perfectly. It is countered that this role was Borash and from now on, a lot of film offers will get only the beginning. He even goes so far that he wants to rename Borash in Nashville Country. Having one now even showed the Chris Rock interview, the presenters talk about NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler. He is together with BG James vs. Jeff Jarrett and Bruce, "Miss TNA", compete in the next week. We also see short excerpts from the last interview of the NASCAR driver. Also this interview ended so in a big brawl, so it will come to the tag team match on Wednesday. Jeremy and Bert talk about the gubernatorial election in Tennessee. Borash is for "Van Halen", which of course Van Hillary read. Ralph Emory will win the general election and after this political interlude, nobody goes ust one, as Curt Hennig took the last PPV with BG James and Syxx-Pac. The match against Jarrett, Killings and Lawler is then also shown in small snippets, who cares of the report to which I like to put the last PPV report to my heart. We'll be back to talk to Jerry Lynn, who has so injured on Wednesday and now there is chaos in the X Division. As the champ can not defend the title, there was a ladder match to determine the new X Division Champion. Borash then says that he'll make a lot of money in the future and we see excerpts from the aforementioned ladder match in which Syxx-Pac won the title. Xplosion At the end of today's broadcast of the PPV is of course advertised on Wednesday and also once mentioned that Hermie Sadler will today take a race night in Charlotte.

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