The November 4, 2014 Edition of Main Event is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, it was shown live on the WWE Network at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York on November 4th, 2014.


Fans taking advantage of the offer to watch WWE Network free for November perhaps got their first glimpse at upcoming Superstar Sami Zayn. The exciting night ended with Sin Cara coming face-to-face with the terrifying Bray Wyatt, who made a rare appearance on WWE Main Event.

Right out of the gate, Stardust aggressively went after Jey Uso, but he quickly retaliated with an aerial assault. After a competitive bout, The Samoan Superstar scored the win with a swift kick to the head. This Friday on SmackDown, WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust battle The Usos in a Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match.

Early in the bout, a returning Curtis Axel hit Justin Gabriel with a clothesline and continued to pummel him. Gabriel managed to turn the tide and put the third-generation Superstar on the defensive for a bit. But after Axel shoved him from the second rope to the arena floor, the high-flyer couldn’t quite recover. The former Intercontinental Champion put away his foe with a driving knee to the face.

Displaying superb athleticism, Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn had the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats. After Kidd couldn’t score a victory after three near-falls, he grew frustrated and NXT Superstar Zayn battled back with a crossbody from the top rope for a near-fall. Then he hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for another near-fall. After both grappled and jockeyed for position, Kidd finally managed to keep Zayn’s shoulders down on the canvas for the three-count.

Despite his quickness and aerial maneuvers, Sin Cara proved ineffective against the creepy Wyatt Family patriarch. It was just a matter of time until the masked Superstar met his inevitable fate – a painful encounter with Sister Abigail.


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