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Norfolk Scope is a multipurpose culture, entertainment, convention and sports arena at the northern perimeter of downtown Norfolk, Virginia, designed by Italian architect/engineer Pier Luigi Nervi in conjunction with the (now defunct) local firm of Williams and Tazewell. Nervi's design for the reinforced concrete dome evolved from his much smaller Palazzetto dello Sport, which was built in the 1950s for the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

Construction on Scope began in June 1968 and was completed in 1971 at a cost of US$35 million. Federal funds covered $23 million of the cost, and when it opened formally on November 12, 1971, the structure was the second-largest public complex in Virginia, behind only the Pentagon.


Date Event Attendance
December 26, 1988Starrcade 1988 10,000
December 29, 1991Starrcade 1991 9,000
June 16, 1993Clash of the Champions XXIII 6,000
November 26, 1995World War 3 1995 12,000
November 24, 1996World War 3 1996 10,314
June 27, 2004The Great American Bash  6,500
March 9, 2008Destination X  3,200

Television Programs

Date Event
January 31, 2002SmackDown
February 3, 2002Heat
August 19, 2002RAW
April 17, 2003SmackDown
April 19, 2003Velocity
June 27, 2004Heat
February 17, 2006SmackDown
February 18, 2006Velocity
August 12, 2008ECW
August 15, 2008SmackDown
November 30, 2010NXT
December 2, 2010Superstars
December 3, 2010SmackDown
December 12, 2011RAW
December 19, 2012Tribute to the Troops
December 30, 2014Main Event
January 2, 2015SmackDown
May 19, 2015Main Event
May 21, 2015SmackDown
May 24, 2016Main Event
May 26, 2016SmackDown
October 31, 2017SmackDown
October 31, 2017205 Live

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