Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling

The WCW Nitro Grill was a Time Warner owned restaurant themed on WCW in Las Vegas' Excalibur Hotel Casino. The grill opened around 1999 but was poorly attended and managed from the start and was closed on Saturday, September 30, 2000.

Fact Sheet

  • Location:
  • Excalibur Hotel & Casino 3850 S. Las Vegas Boulevard at the intersection of Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Owners:
  • Sitka Restaurant Group, Inc.
  • Karl Rogers, President and Director
  • Ronald Tassinari, Vice-President and Director
  • Larry Hogan, General Manager
  • Concept: The WCW Nitro Grill was a full-service restaurant inspired by the professional wrestlers of WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and nWo (a renegade branch of WCW). With more than 32 million weekly viewers, WCW/nWo wrestling offered some of the highest rated cable television programs. The restaurant featured WCW decor and memorabilia, and offered an exciting atmosphere, including live and recorded WCW wrestling events shown on big screen televisions throughout the restaurant. Sitka Restaurant Group also had regular appearances of WCW wrestlers at the WCW Nitro Grill. The WCW Nitro Grill was open seven days a week (11am - 12 midnight), serving lunch and dinner.
  • Configuration:
  • Total square footage - 16,780 square feet
  • Dining Room-6,888 square feet
  • Patio-6,880 square feet
  • Kitchen-2,712 square feet
  • Retail Store-300 square feet
  • Seating:
  • Inside seating for 350 people
  • Menu Concept:
  • The menu at WCW Nitro Grill was inspired by the restaurant's slogan: "Where the Big Boys Eat." Hearty, familiar menu items like burgers and steaks are featured prominently, as well as specialty beverage items.
  • Price Points:
  • Lunch - $5.95-$19.95
  • Dinner - $6.95-$24.95
  • Bar - $1.50-$5.95
  • Retail Store: A full line of WCW and Nitro Grill merchandise is available for sale to the public in the restaurant's gift shop, including T-shirts, hats and posters.