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The Nitro Girls were a dance group on WCW Monday Nitro from 1997 until 2001. They performed during the show, and entertained the crowd while the show was in commercial breaks.


Nitro Girl Given name Years Notes
AC Jazz Amy Crawford 1997-1999 Born April 1, 1971 in Douglasville, Georgia was a graduate of Jacksonville State University and was a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons for two years before joining the dance team. One of the original members of the Nitro Girls, Crawford initially handling the dance team's choreography and costume design. Crawford left the company due to disagreements with WCW management and her role was eventually taken over by Tygress. She subsequently returned to run a dance company.
Baby Shannon McNeill 2000 Born on September 15, 1976 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, McNeill graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in special education and was a member of the Honeybees before joining the Nitro Girls in 2000. During her time in WCW, she and Nitro Girl Chameleon were valets for "Champagne" Chris Kanyon. She eventually left the Nitro Girls and returned to college before the end of the year.
Beef Rhonda Singh 1999-2000 Singh competed in the women's division in WCW from 1999-2000 and made a couple appearances with the Nitro Girls as "Nitro Girl Beef" for comedic relief.
Chae Chae An 1997-2001 Born June 8, 1973 in Seoul, South Korea graduated from Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia with a General Studies degree. She went on to become a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons and became a member of the original Nitro Girls in 1997. She was a member until 2000. She dated wrestler Kevin Nash from 1996-2002. She appeared in a non-nude Nitro Girls pictorial in the September 1998 issue of Penthouse, along with Melissa Bellin, Teri Byrne, and Kimberly Page. She got married on October 27 2007.
Chameleon Carmel Macklin 2000 Born March 2, 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Macklin graduated from Temple University with a degree in Psychology. She debuted in WCW in 1999 as a member of the Nitro Girls dance squad, under the name Chameleon. She occasionally accompanied Chris Kanyon (during his "Champagne" Chris Kanyon gimmick) to the ring as his valet with Nitro Girl Baby. In 2000, she left the Nitro Girls and became the valet for Ernest Miller as Ms. Jones. She would dance along with Miller in his post match dance routine. She also acted as Miller's assistant when he was WCW Commissioner. She and Miller defeated Major Gunns and Lance Storm in a mixed tag team match in her only wrestling match on the December 18th edition of "Nitro." She was last seen taking a "Buff Blockbuster" from Buff Bagwell. She was cut shortly afterward, when WCW made a decision to release most of the valets. After leaving WCW she became an actress and appeared in her first movie, Love & Orgasms, in 2003.
Chiquita Chiquita Anderson 2000-2001 Born on November 22, 1974, Anderson graduated from Philadelphia University of the Arts with an associate's degree in Dance. After the Nitro Girls were disbanded, Anderson then became part of the pop music group Diversity 5 with other former Nitro Girls when Sharmell Sullivan left the group. She was part of the short-lived Xtreme Wrestling Federation's X-Girls in 2001 with Stephanie Bellars and Kristina Laum.
Fyre Teri Byrne 1997-1999 She is working at the University of Phoenix.
Gold Diane Klimaszewski 2000
Kimberly Kimberly Page 1997-1999
Naught-A Jamie Cragwell 2000-2001 Born in Nashville, Tennessee on June 1 1975, she was one of the last members of the Nitro Girls before the promotion's close.
Silver Elaine Klimaszewski 2000
Skye Stacy Keibler 1999 The winner of the 1999 Nitro Girl Search, Keibler later joined WWE as a diva.
Spice Melissa Bellin 1997-2000 Born May 30, 1973, she was one of the original Nitro Girls. She is now married and recently had a baby boy.
Starr Jennifer Bancalum 2000-2001
Storm Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman 1998-1999 After leaving the Nitro Girls, Sullivan managed The Artist under the name Paisley. Sullivan is married to Booker T and is currently working in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
Syren Allison Pfau 2000-2001 Born May 4, 1976, she was involved in a storyline romance with Billy Kidman and Reno, her "boyfriend" after he broke up with Torrie Wilson and she sided with Shane Douglas.
Tayo Tayo Reed 1997-1998 Born on February 28, 1971, after leaving the group, she began a career as a country singer. Tayo Reed started entertaining as a singer at Six Flags Over Georgia, performing in the Shake, Rattle, & Soul Show. She was then chosen to be a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons and a dancer for the Atlanta Hawks. Tayo also opened Tayo Reed's International Academy of Dance in Riverdale, Georgia.
Tygress Vanessa Sanchez 1998-2000 Born January 21, 1971 in Syosset, New York, she graduated from Oglethorpe University with a degree in accounting. She later became a certified public accountant. She joined the Nitro Girls in 1997, but left them in 2000 to become a wrestler and valet for The Filthy Animals stable. She feuded with Misfits in Action's valet Major Gunns and Torrie Wilson. At Halloween Havoc, she and Konnan defeated Wilson and Shane Douglas.
Whisper Rebecca Curci 1997-1999 Born June 16, 1977, Rebecca joined WCW's Nitro Girls as Whisper in October 1997. Her signature move was to put a finger to her lips at the end of each routine, in keeping with the name "Whisper". She left WCW in 1999 to marry World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Shawn Michaels and did not return. She and Michaels have one son, Cameron Kade, born January 5, 2000 and a daughter, Cheyenne Michelle, born on August 19, 2004. Rebecca has appeared various times on WWE programming from WrestleMania 22 to most recently No Way Out 2009.

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