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New Wrestling Entertainment (NWE) is an Italian professional wrestling promotion, owned by MAGNUMGROUP srl. The promotion's slogan is "Nu-Wrestling Evolution/NWE the place to be!"


Originally known as "Nu-Wrestling", the company was first used to round up the best of wrestling within Italy. In 2005, however, American wrestling star Kishi redeveloped it into an actual independent promotion, using his connections to bring in top name American workers. NWE is also known for using many workers from the British wrestling circuit, who compete on regular tours with NWE.

Kishi competed during early shows for the promotion before later being involved in an angle with Scott Steiner and Vampiro that saw Kishi suffer a storyline concussion that kept him out of in-ring competition, allowing him to concentrate on the backstage workings of the company. After this, Kishi's character was used as an on-screen commissioner only.

NWE aired its own television series, NWE Destiny, on La7 Sport, and more recently Odeon TV as well as internationally via the United Kingdom-based satellite channel TWC Fight!, now known as The Fight Network. NWE programming can also be seen on French channel Direct 8. Italian commentary for the show was performed by a historical voice of wrestling in Italy, Dan Peterson, while the English commentary was done by American wrestling columnist Bill Apter. They, management is also very cheap as they did not pay their photographers.

During one of its first large events "NWE - The Grudge", Black Pearl defeated Scott Steiner in a tournament final to become the first champion of NWE. NWE is planning to introduce a secondary title in the promotions for its lightweight wrestlers, called the Gravity 0 Championship.

After promoting successful tours in Italy, Nu Wrestling Evolution decided to produce shows in the rest of Europe including: Spain, France, Malta, and Switzerland, as well as forming a brief working relationship with British promotion 1 Pro Wrestling to produce joint shows in England.

On April 19, 2008, NWE made history when The Ultimate Warrior was invited to Madrid, Spain, to receive a special award dedicated to his wrestling career. After a confrontation with Orlando Jordan, who declared himself the new NWE World Heavyweight Champion, The Warrior challenged Jordan for the NWE title in Barcelona on June 25. This was his first official wrestling match after a 10-year absence from the ring. At that event, The Ultimate Warrior beat Orlando Jordan for the championship title, but immediately vacated it after the match.

During The NWE "Face to Face" Tour in Malta, Mr. Anderson become the new Nu Wrestling Evolution World Heavyweight Champion, when in a 3-Way Match he defeated Tiny Iron and Chuck Palumbo.

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