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NXT TakeOver: In Your House was a professional wrestling show and WWE Network event produced by WWE for their NXT brand division. It took place on June 7, 2020 at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, however, the Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream Backlot Brawl was pre-recorded on May 28 in the parking lot of Full Sail University. It was the 29th NXT TakeOver event, which mark the 25th anniversary of the first In Your House pay-per-view. It was the first In Your House-branded event since St. Valentine's Day Massacre: In Your House in February 1999. It was the first NXT TakeOver event to be held at Full Sail University since TakeOver: The End.

Six matches were contested at the event. In the main event, Io Shirai defeated Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in a Triple threat match to win the NXT Women's Championship. On the undercard, Karrion Kross defeated Tommaso Ciampa by technical submission, Keith Lee defeated Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT North American Championship, and Adam Cole defeated Velveteen Dream in a Last Chance Backlot Brawl to retain the NXT Championship.



TakeOver is a series of professional wrestling shows that began on May 29, 2014, as WWE's NXT brand held their second WWE Network exclusive live broadcast billed as TakeOver. In subsequent months, the "TakeOver" moniker became the brand used by WWE for all of their NXT live WWE Network specials. In Your House will be the 29th NXT TakeOver event. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE has held their shows at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida since mid-March. TakeOver: In Your House will be WWE's first event announced after the pandemic to be held outside of the Performance Center; the event will see NXT return to its home venue of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

In Your House was a series of shows created by WWE (at that time still known as the World Wrestling Federation) that aired on pay-per-view (PPV) from May 1995 to February 1999. The original concept was that, in months when the promotion was not holding one of its major PPV events (WrestleMania, King of the Ring, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble, which at the time ran for three hours), they would offer a two-hour PPV. The In Your House branding was retired following February 1999's St. Valentine's Day Massacre: In Your House event, as the company moved to install permanent names for each of its monthly PPVs. On May 13, 2020, WWE announced that they had revived the name for their June 7 NXT TakeOver event, marking the first In Your House event in 21 years, subsequently being the 28th event to carry the In Your House name.


The card included matches that result from scripted storylines, where wrestlers portray heroes, villains, or less distinguishable characters to build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches, with results predetermined by WWE's writers on the NXT brand, while storylines are produced on their weekly television program, NXT.

On the April 15 episode of NXT, after Tommaso Ciampa said that Johnny Gargano was the better man, Karrion Kross attacked him. On the May 20 episode of NXT, after Kross' match, Ciampa said that at TakeOver: In Your House they would face each other.

During WrestleMania 36 Part 2, Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley by submission to win the NXT Women's Championship. On the April 8 episode of NXT, Io Shirai won a ladder match to earn a championship match against Flair, which Shirai won by disqualification on the May 6 episode of NXT. After the match, Ripley returned and saved Shirai. On the May 20 episode of NXT, the match between Shirai and Ripley ended in a no-contest when Flair attacked them. A triple threat match between the three women was then scheduled for TakeOver: In Your House.


Preliminary matches[]

The actual pay-per-view opened with Mia Yim, Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart facing the team of Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. In the climax, Nox performed the Shiniest Wizard on both Gonzalez and Kai following by Nox pinning Kai to win the match.

Next, Finn Bálor faced Damian Priest. During Bálor's entrance, Priest threw Bálor out of the ring. In the climax, Balor knocked Priest, who was poised atop a turnbuckle, onto the steel steps. As Priest came back in the ring, Bálor performed two Coup de Grâces on Priest-- the first of which on the back off his head and the second to win the match.

After that, Keith Lee defended the NXT North American Championship against Johnny Gargano. This was a back-and-forth match. Late in the match, Gargano's wife, Candice LeRae, emerged to distract Lee; however, Mia Yim came out and brawled with LeRae. This distracted the referee and Gargano took advantage of the situation and poked Lee's eyes with a set of car keys. Gargano performed One Final Beat and a superkick on Lee for a near-fall. In the closing moments, Lee performed a Spirit Bomb and a Big Bang Catastrophe on Gargano to retain the title.

Dream was wrestling in a t-shirt and jeans with Cole in an Undisputed Era tank top and jeans. Dream got three roll-ups to start the match, but then Cole came back with a boot to the face followed by punches. Cole said that Dream didn't deserve the title, so he's leaving. Cole jumped into a car and he tried to leave, so Dream went after him with a baseball bat. Dream smashed the car a bit, then Cole left and they were slugging it out with forearms. A car was shown driving up to the fight and they asked if somebody called for an Uber. It was a girl driving, the guys went in and out of the car quickly and the referee told the girl to leave. Dream threw Cole into a trash can and then Cole avoided the can when Dream threw it at him. Cole sent Dream into a parking meter that was there. Cole ran away from Dream and we didn't see where he went, so Dream went looking for him. A door opened and Cole sprayed a fire extinguisher into Dream's face. They went back towards the ring that was surrounded by cars. Cole connected with a pump kick to the face as Cole told Dream to quit and called him stupid. Dream managed to get a hold of Cole and sent him face first into the ring post. Dream hit Cole with a double axe off the apron They went into the ring again, but Cole bailed again. Dream jumped off the top with nothing as Cole met him with a superkick to the face. Cole jumped off the apron with nothing and Dream hit a superkick on him. Dream then slammed Cole onto the hood of a car. Dream brought a ladder around the ringside area as he worked over Cole with punches. Dream set up the ladder by the hood of the car that Cole was laying on. Dream did a slow climb up the ladder, then another car drove up and was honking with bright lights. It was Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish of the Undisputed Era, so Cole went up the ladder with Dream. Cole celebrated and Dream punched Cole off the ladder as Cole went back first onto the hood of the car and crashing into the windshield. Cole had a big gash on his right arm from the fall. That led to Strong and Fish attacking Dream with punches and kicks. Cole told his buddies: "You know what to do." Strong and Fish grabbed some chairs from the back of the Undisputed Era truck and threw up to 20 chairs into the ring. Dexter Lumis showed up from under the ring and beat up Strong and Fish with a steel chair. Lumis worked over Strong and Fish with punches. Lumis put Strong and Fish in the trunk. Lumis then drove away to take them out of the match. Cole was favoring his injured right arm as he crawled into the ring and Dream was already in the ring that was filled with chairs. Cole went to the middle ropes and jumped off with a Panama Sunrise attempt, but Dream caught him and hit the Dream Valley Driver for the two count. Dream went up top, jumped off and hit an elbow drop on Cole onto a pile of chairs and that got a two count. Dream told Cole that "every era is meant to end" and he said "dream over" as well, at which point Cole hit a low blow, then followed up with a Panama Sunrise piledriver onto the steel chairs for the win, meaning Dream will never be able to challenge Cole again as long as Cole remains the champion.

Ciampa struck with hard strikes to the head, Kross sold it a bit and Kross hit a full extension kick to the head. Kross delivered an overhead suplex across the ring. Ciampa struck with another hard kick, then a clothesline over the top to the floor and Kross followed him out of the ring. Kross picked up Ciampa and sent him back first into the edge of the ring apron like a Chokeslam into the apron. Back in the ring, Kross delivered another belly-to-belly suplex across the ring. Kross continued the attack with another belly-to-belly suplex across the ring as he smiled at the violence he was causing. Kross delivered repeated knees to the face against the turnbuckle. Kross dared Ciampa to hit him, then Kross hit a Northern Lights Suplex into a clothesline. Ciampa responded with hard chops and strikes to the face, then a kick that sent Kross out of the ring. Kross was on the apron and Ciampa hit a DDT for a two count. Ciampa struck with a running knee to the face, then another running knee to the face, but Kross blocked a move from Ciampa. Kross put Ciampa on the shoulders and hit a spinning slam off the shoulders. Kross slapped on the Kross Jacket submission with a choke around the neck and leg scissors. Ciampa passed out, so the referee called for the bell.

Main event[]

Flair started the match by going to the floor, but then she went back in and dominated the women with a backbreaker and a fallaway slam. Flair told them that this was her house and her opponents are the guests. Flair worked over both women with hard chops to the chest. Flair told them they couldn't beat her as Ripley and Shirai worked over Flair with punches. Ripley with a headbutt on Shirai. Ripley sent Flair into the ropes, Flair with a forearm to Ripley, then Ripley pulled Flair off the apron. Flair came back by sending Ripley hard into the barricade/plexiglass. When Flair turned around, Shirai hit a hurricanrana off the apron. Flair whipped Shirai into the ribs of Ripley. Flair sent Shirai into the ring with a hard forearm to the back. Flair avoided some Flair moves and then Flair slapped on a Boston Crab submission. Shirai got out of that, she hit some up-kicks and then Ripley went back in with knees to the Flair followed by a running kick to the head. Ripley with a running dropkick on Flair. Shirai jumped up and hit a kick to the head of Flair. Shirai hit a 619 kick on Flair. Shirai off the ropes, Flair moved and Shirai with a double foot stomp. Shirai with a running dropkick to the head for two. Shirai charged, Ripley got a hold of her and the women punched eachother in face to knock them both down. Flair was also down in the corner. Flair hit a running Spear on both women leading to two counts for Flair. That was a cool spot. Some fans were booing Flair, so she did her own version of a DX chop to the crowd. Flair went up top, she jumped off with the moonsault, Shirai moved and Ripley got the knees up. There were two two-counts after that and Shirai countered a Ripley move into a DDT variation. Shirai with a crossface on Flair, then Ripley with a kick and Flair hit a kick to the face of Ripley for a two count. The fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Ripley countered the Natural Submission, then she hit a kick and hit a spinning front slam. Shirai hit an impressive springboard dropkick off the top onto Ripley. That looked great. Shirai with a running double knee attack on Ripley and Flair hit the Natural Selection neckbreaker on Shirai for a two count with Flair looking shocked that it wasn't enough to win the match. That's a move that Flair has won with a lot in her career. Shirai hooked the arms of Flair and got a pin for a two count. Flair came back with a Figure Eight submission attempt, but Ripley pulled Flair out of the ring. Ripley and Flair got into an exchange of punches on the floor. Shirai ran the ropes leading to a suicide dive into a cross body block on Ripley on the floor. Flair came back with a running forearm to the head of Shirai. Flair grabbed Shirai and threw her through a "window" that was part of the set. Ripley through a plant at Flair and then Flair tackled her. Ripley went after Flair with punches. As there are no countouts in a triple threat, the referee told them to go back in the ring. Flair sent Ripley into the plexiglass while taunting the PC superstars. Shirai climbed on top of the house that was part of the set and Shirai jumped off with a cross body block on both women. The crowd was chanting "holy shit" for that. It was an impressive dive from about 12-15 feet high. That was a great spot. Shirai sent Flair into the ring, but then Ripley punched Shirai while she was on the top rope. Flair charged, Ripley avoided it and sent Flair into the turnbuckle. Ripley went for a superplex, Shirai blocked it and shoved Ripley into the turnbuckle. Shirai went for a Frankensteiner off the top, but Flair went back in with a boot to the ribs. Flair with chops on Ripley on the turnbuckle, but then Ripley got a hold Flair and gave her a Riptide slam off the turnbuckle for a two count as Shirai broke up the pin. Shirai with punches, then she went for a pin, but Ripley blocked it and slapped on the Prism Trap submission. Flair brought in a kendo stick that she used to hit Ripley and Shirai in the body two times each. Flair hit Ripley three more times in the back with the kendo stick. Flair followed up with a Spear on Ripley and Flair put the Figure Eight submission on Ripley. While Flair had it locked in, Shirai went up top and hit a moonsault on Ripley and Shirai pinned Ripley to win the title while Flair was tied up with Ripley to break it up.

Match Preview[]

Six-Women Tag Team Match Preview
Finn Bálor vs. Damian Priest Preview
Keith Lee vs. Johnny Gargano Preview
Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream Preview
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Karrion Kross Preview
Charlotte vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai Preview


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.
  • If Dream loses, he can no longer challenge for the NXT Championship while Cole is still champion.

Other on-screen talent[]

Pre-show Panel
Ring announcer

Alicia Taylor


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