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The NXT Championship is a professional wrestling championship owned by WWE and is competed for in NXT, WWE's developmental territory.


The championship was first introduced on the July 1, 2012 edition of NXT when NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes announced a "Gold Rush" tournament, featuring 4 developmental roster NXT Superstars and 4 main roster WWE Superstars competing to be crowned as the inaugural NXT Champion in a knockout system format. The first NXT Champion was crowned on July 26, 2012, with Seth Rollins defeating Jinder Mahal in the tournament finals.


The inaugural champion was Seth Rollins. The oldest champion is Samoa Joe who won the title at 42 years old while the youngest champion is Bo Dallas, winning the title at 22 years old. Samoa Joe holds the record for most reigns with 3. Kross also has the record for the shortest reign at 4 days (3 days as recognized by WWE). Adam Cole has the longest reign at 396 days (403 days as recognized by WWE).


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