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The NWA New Zealand Heavyweight Championship is the primary singles title in the NWA-affiliated wrestling promotion NWA New Zealand. It is the first heavyweight championship in New Zealand and one of the oldest in the world. It was first won by Gisborne Katene who defeated Frank Findlay in 1919. The title has generally been defended in New Zealand, most often in Christchurch, Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Gisborne Katene 1 1919 Defeated Frank Findlay for the title, but later declared vacant.
Ike Robin 1 March 17, 1925 Auckland, New Zealand Title is vacated when Robin retires in 1926. He is credited as the first officially recognized heavyweight champion.
Tom Alley 1 1929
Stanley Pinto 1 1930 May have defeated Alley in tournament final in Wellington on November 23, 1931.
Title history unrecorded.
George Walker 1 1931 Walker retired on November 23, 1937, and the title was vacated.
Dean Detton 1 August 22, 1938 Auckland, New Zealand Defeated Lofty Blomfield for the title, but was later vacated in August 1938.
Lofty Blomfield 1 September 10, 1938 Auckland, New Zealand Defeated Pat Fraley for the title. He later defeated title claimant Dean Detton in Auckland on August 27, 1938, and won championship tournament to become undisputed champion in October 1938. Blomfield held the title for over a decade until his retirement on June 7, 1949.
Ken Kenneth 1 June 22, 1949 Originally awarded the title, Kenneth was stripped in June 1958 for not defending the belt for over a year.
Dick Hrstich 1 June 11, 1958 Christchurch, New Zealand Defeated Fred Wright for the title. Later vacated in October 1959 when Hrstich leaves the country.
Keita Meretana 1 September 3, 1959 Tauranga, New Zealand Defeated Lofty Binnie for the title.
Ken Kenneth 2 June 1960 Auckland, New Zealand Title vacated in October 1960 when Kenneth leaves the country.
Al Hobman 1 October 26, 1960 Wellington, New Zealand Defeated John DaSilva for the title.
Steve Rickard 1 1963
Peter Maivia 1 August 3, 1964 Auckland, New Zealand
Steve Rickard 2 August 6, 1964 Wellington, New Zealand
Al Hobman 2 1964
John DaSilva 1 September 7, 1967 Wellington, New Zealand Title declared vacant in 1979 when DaSilva begins wrestles overseas.
Siva Afi 1 April 23, 1978 Defeated John DaSilva in tournament final to win title.
Steve Rickard 3 1983
Title is vacated.
Rip Morgan 1 September 8, 1983 Auckland, New Zealand Defeated Samoan Joe in tournament final to win title.
Title history unrecorded.
Bruno Bekkar 1 September 1985 Won title in tournament final.
Johnny Garcia 1
Bruno Bekkar 2 December 12, 1987 Auckland, New Zealand
Johnny Garcia 2 November 26, 1988
Bruno Bekkar 3 1990
A.J. Freeley 1 November 22, 1992 Freeley is still billed as the heavyweight champion as of January 1999.

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