The NWA National Television Championship was a secondary singles championship in the National Wrestling Alliance's Georgia Championship Wrestling territory. It started as the NWA Georgia Television Championship. It was later renamed the National TV Championship. From 1983 to 1985, it was renamed the NWA World Television Championship, but when Jim Crockett Promotions purchased the promotion from the World Wrestling Federation, the Georgia version of the NWA World Television Championship was reduced back to the NWA National Television Championship. In early April 1985, the championship was abandoned. On March 16, 1985, Dusty Rhodes defeated NWA Television Champion Tully Blanchard to become the first NWA World Television Champion.

Ron Garvin, who had five reigns as champion, was the champion when the title was abandoned.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
NWA Georgia Television Championship
Terry Taylor 1 August 22, 1980 Atlanta, Georgia
Terry Funk 1 October 1980
Steve Keirn 1 November 1980
Kevin Sullivan 1 November 29, 1980 Atlanta, Georgia
Steve O 1 January 16, 1981 Atlanta, Georgia
Bobby Eaton 1 January 22, 1981 Atlanta, Georgia
Steve O 2 January 23, 1981
Kevin Sullivan 2 February 21, 1981 Atlanta, Georgia
Steve Keirn 2 March 1, 1981
Title vacated Title became inactive.
NWA National Television Championship
Iron Sheik 1 May 28, 1983 Atlanta, Georgia Defeated Ron Garvin by disqualification in a tournament final to win the reactivated and renamed title.
Ron Garvin 1 July 17, 1983 Atlanta, Georgia
Jake Roberts 1 November 6, 1983 Atlanta, Georgia Title recognized as the NWA World Television Championship after March 1984.
NWA World Television Championship
Ron Garvin 2 April 7, 1984 Baltimore, Maryland
Jake Roberts 2 June 17, 1984 Atlanta, Georgia
Title vacated June 17, 1984 Atlanta, Georgia Title held up immediately because Roberts used a foreign object.
Ron Garvin 3 July 1, 1984 Atlanta, Georgia
Bob Roop 1 September 1984
Ron Garvin 4 December 28, 1984 Saginaw, Michigan
Bob Roop 2 January 1985 In March 1985, World recognition is dropped by the NWA and the title reverts to the National title when Jim Crockett Promotions purchases Georgia Championship Wrestling and recognizes its Television title the World title.
NWA National Television Championship
Ron Garvin 5 April 14, 1985 Atlanta, Georgia
Title abandoned April 1985


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