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The Vancouver version of the NWA International Tag Team Championship was a tag team title in NWA All-Star Wrestling. It was established in 1982 as the top tag team championship in that promotion after the NWA Canadian Tag Team title became inactive early that year, but was demoted to secondary status after the Canadian championship was reactivated in June 1983 and remained the secondary tag team title until All-Star withdrew from the NWA in late 1985, at which point the title was abandoned.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Ramon Torres & Ricky Torres 1 1982 Billed as champions on arrival
Dean Ho & Sonny Meyers 1 February 8, 1982 British Columbia Defeated Ramon Torres & Tiny Anderson
Canadian Wrecking Crew (Terry Adonis & Bruiser Costa) 1 April 3, 1982 Cloverdale, BC
Dean Ho & Moondog Moretti 1 August 23, 1982 Vancouver, BC Defeated Bruiser Costa & Butcher Hughes
Al Tomko & Moose Morowski 1 January 8, 1983 Cloverdale, BC
Vacant January 25, 1983 Al Tomko & Moose Morowski are stripped of the title
Timothy Flowers & Terry Adonis 1 March 21, 1983 Vancouver, BC Defeat Dean Ho & Moondog Moretti in tournament final
Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler 1 May 30, 1983 Vancouver, BC
Timothy Flowers & Terry Adonis 2 ? British Columbia Unknown whom Flowers & Adonis defeated for the title
Al Tomko & Bob Brown 1 ? British Columbia
Elton Stanton & Butch Moffat 1 1985 British Columbia
Vacant Circa July 1985 Elton Stanton & Butch Moffat are suspended
Rick Davis & Dave Gold 1 1985 British Columbia Unknown whom Davis & Gold defeated for the title
Sonny Meyers & Super Destroyer 1 December 7, 1985 British Columbia
Title retired All Star Wrestling leaves the NWA

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