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The Halifax version of the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship was first defended in the Eastern Sports Association only in 1977, the year the promotion closed. The title was imported from George Cannon's 'Canadian Wrestling' based in Ontario to replace the ESA's North American Heavyweight Championship, which had been moved over to short-lived rival promotion Trans-Canada Wrestling.


Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Luis Martinez 1 Prior to April 30, 1977 Arrived as champion (Ontario?)
Sailor White 1 May 18, 1977 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Stonewall Jackson 1 June 18, 1977 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Don Fargo 1 July 16, 1977 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Terry Sawyer 1 July 27, 1977 Halifax, Nova Scotia
David Schultz 1 August 9, 1977 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Terry Sawyer 2 August 10, 1977 Halifax, Nova Scotia
David Schultz 2 August 13, 1977 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Title retired 1977 Eastern Sports Association closes

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