NWA: TNA The Music, Vol. 1 was the first of two CDs released from NWA: TNA, in early 2003. Because TNA were unable to make a deal with major distributors due to their lack of popularity and overall publicity at the time, these CDs were not available in stores and instead sold exclusively on their website. All of these songs were written and composed by TNA's musician, Dale Oliver. This was succeeded by a second album later that year, following the same exclusivity trend as this volume.

The themes of A.J. Styles and Jeff Jarrett were later re-released on the 3rd Degree Burns: The Music of TNA Wrestling Vol. I album, the first TNA album release dropping the National Wrestling Alliance prefix.

Track listing

  1. "Champion" (Curt Hennig)
  2. "Knock You Down" (TNA Dancers)
  3. "I Am" (A.J. Styles)
  4. "Flyin' to Graceland" (Jorge Estrada)
  5. "Marvelous Me" (Scott Hall)
  6. "My World" (Jeff Jarrett)
  7. "War Neck" (Harris Brothers)
  8. "Lions Den" (Ken Shamrock)
  9. "Take You Under" (The New Church)
  10. "S.E.X. Sells" (S.E.X.)
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