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The NAW Tag Team Championship is a championship within New Age Wrestling and was created in 2005. The titles were introduced as already being held by George Julio and Mike Manson.

The championship has been vacated three times and held up once. The first time the title was vacated was when Commissioner Tony Vutnik stripped the champions of the titles after a controversial victory. The second vacancy occurred when a team left the company. The third and most recent vacancy occurred when the team of The Banditos broke up. There is a claim of a title win after this by the team of Gran Tatsuo and Sho Kazugi but this was never announced on the night.

The title was held up when another team, The Slayer Player Connection also broke up. A three match series between Scott Slayer and Jake Lindo was held with the winner earning the right to keep the titles and name a new tag team partner. Slayer was victorious in the third match at NAW War Games and named Josh Extreme as his new partner forming The Extreme Alliance.

On January 30, 2016, The Lunatic Militia became the first team to win the tag team titles more than once. But whilst the same team had never held the title more than once prior to that, four individuals have co-held the titles multiple times. While Sinner Insaino and Joel Bateman have each held the title twice, George Julio and Xavier Black have held the title three times. In the case of Julio this does not include the two occasions when he changed partners during title reigns.

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