Muscle Madness is the 21st episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling


There is an upcoming "Superwoman" competition, which tests ladies' weightlifting. Wendi Richter is intimidated by the idea of going on stage, but Hulk encourages her not to let stage fright or shyness get the better of her. The men wrestlers rally behind Wendi to train her to lift heavy weights. However, one of Wendi's main competitors is The Fabulous Moolah, who would love to win to prove the heels are better than the faces. Roddy proposes that Moolah wins by any means necessary, but the heels are too dumb to propose of a way to cheat. Mr. Fuji knows of a way; he will stand above the stage with an electromagnet during the competition.

On competition day, the contestants are made to lift barbells of increasing weight until only one can hold the barbell, and have a time limit to get the barbell off the ground. Moolah bests all the competitors by lifting a 250-pound barbell, but Wendi manages to do as well. Moolah then signals Roddy it is time to cheat, who in turn signals Mr. Fuji to use the electro-magnet. When the weight is increased to 275 pounds, Fuji uses the magnet to get it off the ground, and the audience applauds Moolah. It is now Wendi's turn, and Fuji reverses the magnet to greatly increase the weight of the barbell. Wendi cannot lift the barbell one millimeter; despite Hulk and the faces cheering Wendi on that they believe in her. The timer expires and it is declared Wendi Richter was unable to lift 275; and Moolah is crowned the Superwoman. However, as Mean Gene comes onstage to congratulate Moolah, he suddenly flies up into the air! Fuji had forgotten to turn off the magnet, which attracted Mean Gene's microphone. The flying Mean Gene causes the audience to wonder what had happened, and all the attention is on Fuji. When it is revealed Moolah conspired with Fuji to cheat, Wendi Richter is declared the rightful Superwoman.


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