Morgan Rockafeller is an independent Female American wrestler and manager currently working in G.L.O.R.Y.

Wrestling History

At Penn State, Morgan attended a class called "The History of Professional Wrestling". Kasanova Kato came in and spoke about being a booker and a trainer on shows and he invited anyone interested to try out at Keystone Championship Wrestling's school. Morgan tried out and that was the beginning.

In her second match, Stacy and Chris and I pulled an effort out that allowed us to pick up the win, although outweighed and out powered.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing Moves & Signature Moves
  • "M-Plant" (Kickstart DDT)
  • "Old School Expulsion" (Reverse facing Twist Of Fate)
  • Hurricanrana
  • flying head scissors
  • Martial Arts Kicks
  • Wrestlers Managed
  • Tag Teams and Stables
  • Theme music
  • Notable Feuds
  • Allies

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