Monster's Ball Match

Abyss climbing the scaffolding in a Monster's Ball Match

A Monster's Ball match is a Professional wrestling, match staged by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The name is derived from the 2001 film Monster's Ball.

The key premise of the match was that all contenders are sequestered alone in a locked room without light, food or water for twenty-four hours before the match. This stipulation is intended to induce extreme feelings of aggression in the competitors. Once released, the wrestlers fight one another in a no disqualification match, with the usage of weapons encouraged such as Barbed wire, Tables and Steel folding chairs. Victory can be achieved by pinfall or submission, with the match ending as soon as one wrestler is pinned or submits (there is no elimination format). However, the locked away stipulation was simply forgotten about and not mentioned since the 5th one. It is now simply a street Fight, as the match has to end inside the ring.

Match history

# Event, Date and Location Match Details
1Victory Road (2004)
November 7, 2004,
Orlando, Florida
Monty Brown defeated Raven and AbyssBrown pinned Raven after a Pounce through a table.
2Bound for Glory (2005)
October 23, 2005,
Orlando, Florida
Rhino defeated Abyss, Sabu and Jeff HardyRhino pinned Hardy after a Rhino Driver off the middle rope.
3TNA House Show
June 10, 2006,
Wayne, New Jersey
Samoa Joe defeated Abyss and Rhino (unofficial) Joe forced Rhino to submit with the Coquina Clutch.
4TNA House Show
September 29, 2006,
Richmond, Virginia
Rhino defeated Abyss
5Bound for Glory (2006)
October 22, 2006,
Plymouth Township, Michigan
Samoa Joe defeated Brother Runt, Raven and Abyss Joe pinned Raven after a Muscle Buster.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts was the Special Guest Referee

6Bound for Glory (2007)
October 14, 2007,
Duluth, Georgia
Abyss defeated Raven, Black Reign and Rhino Abyss pinned Raven after a Black Hole Slam onto a pile of broken glass and thumbtacks.
7Bound for Glory IV
October 12, 2008,
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm) (with Jacqueline) (c) defeated Abyss and Matt Morgan, Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) and The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez) to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship Beer Money, Inc. won when James Storm pinned Hernandez after Team 3D put him through a table with thumb tacks on top.

Steve "Mongo" McMichael was the special referee.

The TNA World Tag Team Championship were on the line (the match marked the first time that the TNA World Tag Team Championships were defended in a Monsters ball)

8Sacrifice (2009)
May 24, 2009,
Orlando, Florida
Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney (with Abyss and Dr. Stevie) Wilde pinned Daffney after slamming her with a fireman's carry takeover on top of a garbage can.

First ever Knockouts Monster's Ball match.

9Slammiversary (2009)
June 21, 2009,
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Abyss and Taylor Wilde defeated Raven and Daffney (with Dr. Stevie) Abyss pinned Raven after Black Hole Slamming him onto a pile of thumbtacks.

First ever mixed tag team Monster's Ball match.

10Bound for Glory (2009)
October 18, 2009,
Irvine, California
Abyss defeated Mick Foley Abyss pinned Foley after chokeslamming him onto a barbed wire board.

Dr. Stevie was the special guest referee for the match.

11House show
November 9, 2009,
Nashville, Tennessee
Abyss defeated Rhino
12TNA Impact!
May 3, 2010,
Orlando, Florida
A.J. Styles defeated Abyss
13Slammiversary VIII
June 13, 2010,
Orlando, Florida
Abyss defeated Desmond Wolfe
14House show
July 2, 2010,
Brooklyn, New York
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
15House show
July 23, 2010,
Bloomington, Illinois
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
16House show
July 24, 2010,
LaPorte, Indiana
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
17House show
August 13, 2010,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
18House show
August 14, 2010,
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss Mick Foley was the Special Guest Referee
19House show
September 16, 2010,
York, Pennsylvania
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
20House show
September 17, 2010,
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
21House show
September 23, 2010,
New York City, New York
Tommy Dreamer defeated Abyss Mick Foley was the Special Guest Referee
22House show
September 25, 2010,
Rahway, New Jersey
Abyss defeated Tommy Dreamer
23Bound for Glory
October 10, 2010,
Daytona Beach, Florida
Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss
24House show
October 15, 2010,
Racine, Wisconsin
Tommy Dreamer defeated Abyss
25House show
October 16, 2010,
Dubuque, Iowa
Tommy Dreamer defeated Abyss
26House show
October 17, 2010,
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Tommy Dreamer defeated Abyss Mick Foley was the Special Guest Referee
27House show
October 21, 2010,
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Abyss defeated Sabu
28House show
October 22, 2010,
Cadillac, Michigan
Abyss defeated Sabu
29House show
October 23, 2010,
Saginaw, Michigan
Abyss defeated Sabu
30House show
October 24, 2010,
Port Huron, Michigan
Abyss defeated Sabu
31House show
April 9, 2011,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Abyss defeated Tommy Dreamer
32Genesis (2012)
January 8, 2012,
Orlando, Florida
Abyss defeated Bully Ray As per stipulation of the match, had Abyss lost, he would have had to rejoin Immortal
33One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2
March 19, 2013,
aired July 5, 2013,
Orlando, Florida
Joseph Park defeated Judas Mesias (w/ James Mitchell)
34Impact Wrestling
December 3, 2013,
aired December 26, 2013,
Orlando, Florida
Joseph Park defeated Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)
35One Night Only: #OldSchool
December 30, 2013,
aired February 7, 2014,
Poughkeepsie, New York
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
36Impact Wrestling
January 30, 2014,
aired February 6, 2014,
Glasgow, Scotland
Abyss defeated Eric Young
37Impact Wrestling
April 10, 2014,
aired April 17, 2014,
Orlando, Florida
Eric Young (c) defeated Abyss the TNA World Heavyweight Championship was on the line (the match marked first time that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship was defended in a Monsters ball)
38Impact Wrestling
June 19, 2014,
aired June 26, 2014,
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Magnus and Bram defeated Abyss and Willow
39Impact Wrestling
June 27, 2014,
aired August 7, 2014,
New York, New York
Bram defeated Abyss
40One Night Only: Turning Point
September 5, 2014,
aired January 9, 2015,
Charlottesville, Virginia
Bram defeated Abyss
41One Night Only: Rivals
September 6, 2014,
aired February 6, 2015,
Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
Eric Young defeated Abyss
42Impact Wrestling
January 30, 2015,
New York, New York
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss
43One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 4
February 13, 2015,
Orlando, Florida
Matt Hardy defeated Abyss
44One Night Only: Live
January 8, 2016,
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Abyss defeated Grado
45Impact Wrestling
February 16th, 2016,
Manchester, England
The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) (c) defeated Decay (Crazzy Steve and Abyss) The TNA World Tag Team Championships were on the line (the match marked the first time that the TNA World Tag Team Championships were defended in a Monsters ball on television and on POP TV)
46Impact Wrestling
March 1st, 2016,
London, England
Abyss defeated Jimmy Havoc
47Impact Wrestling
July 28, 2016
Orlando, Florida
Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve) (c) (w/ Rosemary) defeated The BroMans (Robbie E & Jessie Godderz) (w/ Raquel) Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.
48Impact Wrestling
January 26, 2017
Orlando, Florida
Rosemary (c) defeated Jade Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship.
49Bound for Glory XIII
November 5, 2017
Ottawa, Canada
Abyss (w/ James Mitchell) defeated Grado As part of the storyline, since Grado lost, his work visa was terminated and he was forced to leave the U.S.
50Impact Wrestling
March 22, 2018,
Orlando, Florida
Kongo Kong defeated Abyss
51Impact Wrestling Homecoming
January 6, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee
Eli Drake defeated Abyss
52Impact Wrestling United We Stand
April 4, 2019
Rahway, New Jersey
Sami Callihan defeated Jimmy Havoc
53Slammiversary XVII
July 7, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Taya Valkyrie (c) defeated Rosemary and Su Yung and Jessicka Havok in a Four Way Monster's Ball match Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship
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