MITB 2016 Golden v Breeze

The rivalry between The Golden Truth and Breezango heats up this Sunday when the two teams meet head-on on the WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff. What remains to be seen is just what condition Tyler Breeze & Fandango will be in after Goldust & R-Truth's hijinks last Monday.

Breezango's plan to ensure fully bronzed bods backfired on the Raw Pre-Show thanks to The Golden Truth tinkering with the tanning bed. As a result of the mishap, Breeze & Fandango's bromance turned sunburnt, and WWE fans saw the two Superstars walking very gingerly later that night on WWE's Snapchat.

With their egos bruised and their skin scabby, Breezango will be out for revenge against their bitter enemies. Goldust & Truth are nothing if not veterans, however, and if any two Superstars can exploit Fandango & Breeze's anger and use it against them, it's The Golden Truth.

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