The Millionaire's Club was a professional wrestling stable in World Championship Wrestling in 2000.


In early 2000, World Championship Wrestling decided that Kevin Sullivan's booking style was not as successful as they had hoped. So, they decided to bring back former WCW president Eric Bischoff and former head of creative Vince Russo, putting them together to run WCW with the thought that they could keep each other's failures in check.

Onscreen, Bischoff and Russo took over and declared all WCW titles vacant on April 10, 2000. They also declared a new stable with both of them at the helm called the New Blood. It consisted of most of the younger, up-and-coming wrestlers in WCW. Their main enemies became known as the Millionaire's Club, the older veteran stars of the company whom they claimed held back the younger talent. The idea was to get the younger talent over and generate more interest among the younger fans that watched the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) instead of WCW. Many argue that a primary reason the WWF defeated WCW in the Monday Night Wars is because they greatly put over new talent rather than relying so heavily on long-established veterans. As such, this was seen as an overly extreme and late attempt at that strategy.

On April 16, 2000, at Spring Stampede in Chicago, Illinois, all of the titles were filled with matches between the New Blood and the Millionaire's Club. The feuds continued for another month or so before both factions disbanded due to WCW management deciding the angle was not working due to it backfiring, as the Millionaire's Club got most of the positive fan reaction.


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