Michelle McGuirk (March 16, 1955) is an American professional wrestling personality, best known as a ring announcer for the World Wrestling Federation from 1987–1994. She is the daughter of Leroy McGuirk.

Professional wrestling career

McGuirk's WWF debut was in April 1987 on WWF Wrestling Challenge. From her debut, she was the object of ridicule from heel commentator Bobby Heenan. McGuirk also did commentary, often with Bruce Prichard. McGuirk was known for her famous glittery tuxedos she wore while announcing as well as her strong vocals.

On an episode of Wrestling Challenge, Big Bully Busick harassed McGuirk until She cried and Sid Justice came out to defend her. She was also lusted after by Razor Ramon, who would try to force himself onto her prior to many matches. During a match between Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels, Sensational Sherri attacked McGuirk, threw her from her chair, and then used the chair as a weapon against Savage. She was also constantly teased by the heel Doink, trying to hug or touch her.

She performed color commentary on the Best of the WWF Volume 15, and did commentary on the WWF TV show All-American Wrestling.

McGuirk left the WWF in 1993, reported by Penthouse magazine to be because she refused sexual advances made upon her by Vince McMahon, around the same time Boni Blackstone was hired as an interviewer. In October 2004, she appeared at Wrestling Reunion II in New Jersey and also repeated her performance for an Indianapolis Indiana show. In May 2010, she made an appearance at the Legends of the Ring convention.

Personal life

She was once married to Brian Blair of The Killer Bees. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon in 1979 while Brian worked for the Ed Francis promotion. When they returned, they helped LeRoy and Dorothy run the Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri territories. During her WWF days, she was often the travel companion to Sensational Sherri.

She is currently working as a real estate agent in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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