Michael Cole & JBL were a commentator team in World Wrestling Entertainment. They also commentating on SmackDown since June 16, 2006 until December 21, 2007, and since May 31, 2013 until August 15, 2014. On Raw they also joined Jerry Lawler to commentating together since Slammy Awards 2012 episode, Raw's 20th Anniversary episode, 2013 Raw Roulette episode, April 1, 2013 until December 29, 2014. Cole and JBL recently joined Jim Ross to commentating on 35th Annual Saturday Night's Main Event for one night on August 13, 2007, and on Raw on September 17, 2012, October 8, 2012 and at Hell in a Cell 2012, during Lawler's heart attack recovery. They also joined Booker T to commentating on Raw since January 5, 2015 until June 1, 2015, and Byron Saxton since June 8, 2015.


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