Megan-Kate is a New Zealand female professional wrestler. She is known for her work for the New Zealand promotion Impact Pro Wrestling and the Australian promotion Professional Wrestling Alliance.


Impact Pro Wrestling (2010-2012)

Megan-Kate made her professional debut on May 29, 2010 at IPW Genesis 2010, teaming with Evie to defeat Britenay and JPE. On August 21, along with Evie, Megan-Kate teamed with Carmella Caprice in a winning three-on-three tag match against JPE, Britenay and Misty at IPW Rival Turf 2010. She won her first IPW singles match at IPW Armageddon 2011, Day 2, on April 10, 2011, against JPE, before losing to JPE in tag team action at that same event. On April 30, at IPW Extreme Measures, Megan-Kate teamed with Deluxeo and TJ Rocket, in a losing three-on-one match against Liger and JPE. On August 20, at IPW Rival Turf 2011, Megan-Kate teamed with Pirate Burns, to win against Elias and Britenay. On October 29, 2012, she wrestled her last IPW match at IPW Rival Turf 2012, against her tag partner and IPW Women's Champion Evie, ending in a no-contest.

Professional Wrestling Alliance (2011-2012)

Megan-Kate first wrestled her PWA match on September 3, at PWA @ Sydney, defeating Savannah Summers. She joined the first round of the PWWA Interim Title Tournament, during the PWA's "Champions Challenge" event, losing to her tag partner Evie on May 5. On October 6, at PWA @ Casula, Kate lost to Shazza McKenzie.

In wrestling

  • Finishers
  • MKK
  • Signature Moves
  • Spinning DDT
  • Nicknames
  • "MK"
  • Tag Teams

Championships and accomplishments

  • New Zealand Pro Wrestling Informer
  • 2011 Peoples' Choice Awards – Best Tag Team (BFF) (Only female team nominated, beat out all male teams).
  • 2011 Peoples' Choice Awards – 3rd Best Female Wrestler (Behind Evie in 1st place and Britenay in 2nd place).
  • 2011 Peoples' Choice Awards – 2nd Best Match of the Year (One of only 2 females matches nominated, of which I was involved in both – together with Evie).
  • Included in the PWWA Interim Champion Tournament.
  • Competed in the first ever New Zealand IPW Women's Championship Match against Evie and Britenay

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