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Masanobu Kurisu is a professional wrestler, promoter and trainer.


Masanobu Kurisu is one of Japanese wrestling's colorful characters. A wrestlers known for his chair swinging antics (the original chair swinging freak), a promoter of his own shows (Team Kurisu/Kurisu Dojo) and a trainer of up and coming stars.

Kurisu was initially trained in Los Angeles but was relocated back to the Japan when the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo opened. After making his debut Kurisu hung around the lower reaches of the card before leaving Japan.

Kurisu toured the US, having his only title success by winning the Polynesian Pacific Tag Team titles with fellow Japanese tourist, Hiro Sasaki. He also toured Mexico for the UWA often teaming with Strong Kobayashi.

On his return to Japan he adopted his new image of "the chairman" and he joined The Blond Outlaws as an associate member. Kurisu would leave New Japan in the early 90s to join Pro Wrestling WAR and would later move on to form his own promotion/dojo, Team Kurisu.

Kurisu still makes public appearances in Japan.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Teams and stables
    • Hiro Sasaki
    • Supporting member of the Blond Outlaws
  • Entrance Music
    • The Nail Will Burn" NJPW Music
  • Nicknames
    • "The Chairman"

Championships and accomplishments

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