Maria Ravasio, better known by her ring names Mary Cooper or simply Mary, is an Italian professional wrestler.


Italian Championship Wrestling (2016-)

Ravasio debuted at August 28, 2016 at ICW Saranno Campioni 29 with her ring name Miss Mary Cooper, losing her first match with Leon and Queen Maya against Coach Lillo, Gabriel Bach and Ricky Rastelli. During 2017, Mary had various title shots for the ICW Italian Women's Championship against Queen Maya, starting a feud between Maya (at the time ICW Women's Champion) and Mary itself. In total there were eight title matches between both, and seven of these were one on one matchs.

At ICW Vae Victis 2017, in November 18, 2017, Mary had a title shot with the new ICW Women's Champion, Irene, also losing against the new champion. After this match, Mary resumes the feud with Queen Maya, this time starting to collect victories.

Rising Sun Wrestling (2017-)

Mary debuts in Rising Sun Wrestling in June 10, 2017, during the show Showdown In The Sun, in a scramble match for the Rising Sun 24/7 Championship against The Entertrainer, David Silas, Gianni Verga, Insanity and Paziente Zero, then won by Entertrainer.

At Die & Rise, in November 25, 2017, Mary, after she have fought against Jayde, losing the match, wins the Rising Sun 24/7 Championship against Francesco Zerini. But her reign lasted just a month, when 31 December, 2017, a stranger man took the title in the middle of the night.

At The New House Of The Rising Sun, in March 17, 2018, Mary fought in a 7-Person Battle Royal, won by El Fantasmo eliminating last The HeadHunters.

At RSW Rise Of The Angels, on June 23, 2018, Mary takes part for the first-ever Plata En La Caja Ladder match against Horus L'Assoluto, Scrum, Aleandro Capone, Larry Demon, Insanity and Hardcore Cassi, who will win the match.

Other promotions (2017)

Mary fought in two events of Pro Wrestling Live Events (PWLE Lugano IV and PWLE Lugano V) against Queen Maya, winning both matches.

At SWE Rise Or Fall 2017, in December 9, 2017, Mary had a title match against the SWE Ladies Champion Miss Mina, losing the match.

In Wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • La Dominatrice Delle Due Ruote
    • La Bella E Impossibile
  • Entrance Music
    • "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy" by Lene Alexandra

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