The following is a listing of events that Martin Wright has participated in.


  • On the July 11, 2005 episode of WWE Raw horror movie style vignettes began airing to promote the debut of Wright in his "Boogeyman" persona. After a few weeks the vignettes were moved from Raw to Smackdown, but his planned debut was delayed when he hyperextended both knees and needed time to recover.
  • The Boogeyman made his first appearance on the October 13, 2005 SmackDown.
  • At the Survivor Series, The Boogeyman turned out to be a face as he helped SmackDown! Teddy Long defeat his Raw counterpart, Eric Bischoff with a pumphandle slam.
  • He made his official in-ring SmackDown! debut on December 2, defeating Simon Dean.
  • A subsequent feud withBooker T, which saw him again stalking a wrestler and his female companion (this time Booker's wife Sharmell) culminated at Wrestlemania 22, when Boogeyman pinned Booker T after kissing Sharmell while holding a mouthful of worms. The match was exceptionally short because shortly before WrestleMania Boogeyman tore his left biceps at a house show. To explain his absence to rehab his injury, Booker T and Sharmell obtained a resraining order against The Boogeyman, who actually had surgery on April 4, to repair his biceps tear.
  • As Summerslam approached, The Boogeyman began appearing in TV spots to promote the event. Vignettes also began airing advertising his return to SmackDown!, however, on September 20, 2006 reported that Wright had been released from the company.
  • It was later reported that he had been doing "the bare minimum" in regards to getting back into shape and had missed several required doctor checkups. Although management warned him about this, he failed to change his behavior and they let him go. Less than a month later, on October 6, announced that Wright had re-signed with the company and would be sent to be trained at Booker Tand Stevie Ray's wrestling school in Houston Texas.
  • On the June 11 edition of Raw, Boogeyman was moved from the SmackDown! brand to ECW in the annual WWE Draft. The next day he debuted for the brand and defeated Matt Striker, beginning a feud with him.
  • On the October 13, 2008 edition of Raw, The Boogeyman made his return, appearing during a segment with Jackass Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius, and Big Dick Johnson ending with The Boogeyman bringing live worms out of a bag and after putting them in his own mouth spat them into the mouth of Chris Pontius.
  • On the January 20, 2009 edition of ECW, he defeated Paul Burchill by disqualification, his first victory over a non-enhancement talent since returning to the brand.
  • His last appearance on WWE programming was on March 3, 2009 where he lost in a match against Kane.
  • The next day on March 4, 2009 WWE announced that they had released Wright from his WWE contract.

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