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The March 18, 2021 NXT UK results was a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's NXT UK brand which aired on the WWE Network on March 18, 2021.


Nathan Frazer is off to a strong start in his attempts to reinvent himself.

The Superstar formerly known as Ben Carter wowed the NXT UK Universe, sending Ashton Smith careening across the canvas with a picture-perfect headscissors takedown.

The larger Smith dazed his opponent for a ring-shaking clothesline, but Frazer sailed across the ring with a Coast-to-Coast and scored the pinfall after drilling Smith with a frog splash.

While Meiko Satomura would undoubtedly like to earn another NXT UK Women’s Championship Match after falling just short against Kay Lee Ray in an instant classic two weeks ago, the savvy ring veteran was wise enough to avoid the mistake of underestimating Dani Luna.

After being greeted by a stiff kick to her thigh, Luna shook off the pain and landed a suplex and a clothesline, but Meiko took control with a pinpoint spinning heel kick.

Moments later, Satomura connected with a kick to the head and Scorpio Rising for the win, and the competitors shared a handshake and a bow after the bell.

All business as usual, NXT UK Champion WALTER hit the squared circle, ran through the list of his vanquished foes and demanded that NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint “look the world over and find the next challenger for me.”

Before the titleholder could complete his next sentence, Rampage Brown, who recently defeated Joe Coffey in a slugfest, was on his way to the ring for a standoff with The Ring General.

Brown informed WALTER that Mr. Saint doesn’t need to search the world to find WALTER’S next challenger; he only needs to look in his backyard. With that, Brown shoved WALTER to the canvas and declared his title reign will end when they meet for the championship. As revealed on yesterday’s episode of WWE’s The Bump, Trent Seven indeed accomplished his goal of cutting weight and reaching the 205-pound plateau for an NXT Cruiserweight Title Match against Jordan Devlin.

Despite mocking Seven several weeks ago when Seven declared his intentions to cut enough weight to challenge him for the title, The Irish Ace received all he could handle from the former NXT Tag Team Champion, who quickly brought the fight out of the squared circle and landed several savage strikes before dropping the titleholder with a snapdragon suplex on the ringside floor.

Devlin had Seven in dire straits when he ensnared him in the cloverleaf, but after enduring a grueling training regimen to get to 205 pounds, Seven wasn’t going down without a fight, and after letting out a battle cry, Seven got his hand on the bottom rope.

Out of nowhere, the challenger tattooed the champion with the Seven Stars Lariat, but Devlin dug deep to kick out at two.

Devlin miraculously got his foot on the rope after being turned inside out on a suplex from the top rope and absorbing a burning hammer, and he followed up by sticking his thumb in Seven’s eye. Seven nevertheless kicked out of the ensuing Devlin Side, but The Irish Ace landed a 450 Splash to retain his title.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

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